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Contracting Systems

First system

Design system

3D and 2D engineering design Preview, drawing and design Just
The price is determined in (m2) The contract is for only 30% of the total work, which is collected upon contracting, and the rest of the amount is collected in three installments. The original area is calculated without any additions from skylights and walls, only the area to be designed.
Raise the unit sizes on the ground and make the necessary adjustments according to the client’s requests and what does not conflict with the engineering conditions. Making a 3D design including all decoration works and proposing the unit’s furnishings. Preparing executive drawings for works (electricity, plumbing, suspended ceilings, etc.). An executive evaluation of the works according to the specifications according to the client’s requests, approvals, and prices, free of any profits related to the percentage of supervision or regarding the implementation work. The cost of making measurements is 500 EGP, which will be deducted upon contracting later.
Second system

Cost plus Systems

Contracting under the “supervision ratio” system is the best and most comprehensive system for interior finishing works without restrictions.
Contracting includes
- Upload the actual dimensions of the entire unit.
- Making and reviewing the executive evaluation after the design work and obtaining approvals.
- Preparing a table of the proposed prices for industries and raw materials for the client and implementing it.
- Making orders and inventorying the quantities to be supplied (ceramic - HDF - ....etc.).
- Enjoy all the discounts available to the company through our suppliers.
- The customer has the right to provide labor that is commensurate with the cost he is satisfied with if he finds that one of the proposed prices is high...except for the two items “plumbing and electricity”, as they are items related to safety factors.
- Complete access to all work and expenses carried out in the unit daily.
- A guarantee for the work carried out under our supervision for a period of one year from our delivery of the unit to the customer... on the condition that the work is completed within the contracted timetable.
- Work can only be based on a pre-approved 2D architectural design.
Third system

Closed Systems

It is similar to the supervision ratio system, but it is determined by a closed measurement (raw materials + industrial materials) after designing works and taking all approvals. The item does not include final decorations and furnishings unless a 3D design is made for the unit.
- Contracting for 80% of the total work to be collected upon contracting and the remainder upon receipt.
- The contract is closed after the 2D design and approvals are taken.
- If any item is added during the work, it will be agreed upon at the time.
Fourth system

Contracting Systems

Through public tenders or direct attribution through a legal method and system that regulates the relations between us and clients in the field of building and construction.
-This system includes laws, regulations and standards that define the procedures and conditions necessary to properly implement construction projects in accordance with specified deliverables and required specifications, including contracts, timelines, guarantees and payment terms.

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