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Our App not just what it looks like. It’s What will you save?

About Our Application

The program was initiated by Al-Ahram Decoration Company, the aim of which is to create a strong link between clients and our engineers. It designed new methods in line with global trends in the field of interior design to engineering contractors, thanks to facilitating the finishing works of the slope and integrating the data and details for finishing their units.

The first platform through which the approximate cost of finishing your unit can be priced in minutes by entering the dimensions of the rooms in the unit and the finishing details

How to use it

The approximate cost of finishing your unit in a narrow area is determined by the variety of seats in the unit, finishing details, and management and follow-up of finishing and finishing expenses through the program.

You can also choose the type of design that suits your neighborhood from among the various designs, and the finishing cost that suits your budget.
The work team also selects prices on a weekly basis and ensures that the user remains fully aware of the finishing costs despite changes in finishing prices.

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